Intergalactic Adventures with Karl

The channeled information contained in this section of the web site is an accurate account of actual events Karl has experienced while astral traveling. From childhood, he was anxious to gain insights into the unknown which are not found on the physical plane. He had a driving urge for knowledge and greater understanding of those places far beyond his imagination.

Karl had been “traveling” for many years and had met many other Beings of Light before meeting the Arcturians and Arteres, his Arcturian guide. His adventures with Arteres, as well as with Karl’s many other guides, took him places beyond his wildest dreams.

Many times while Karl was in an altered state, complete recall of the events which had occurred became difficult because of the high frequencies. To solve this dilemma, all the messages were taped on a small hand held tape recorder during the meditations. “How is this possible?” you may ask. Since time does not exist in the other realms, Karl would speak with a guide while taping the question. When the guide would answer, Karl would repeat the answer verbatim into the tape recorder, and then continue with the conversation.

Following the meditation, the messages were transcribed on the computer so they could be accessed when needed.

There is nothing mysterious or difficult about discovering your own adventures in the higher realms. The pathway is dedication to the mission—all you have to do is set your intent!

Venture forward and enjoy your quest! 

  Intergalactic Adventures with Karl Coming Soon!