The Galactic Pyramid
 A New 5th Dimensional Ascension Device!

The Galactic Pyramid is a 5th dimensional metaphysical tool created to raise the vibrational frequencies of a space and the people and animals within it to the 5th dimension (5D).

The Pyramid is a four sided, 3” violet, acrylic subtle energy device. It is placed in a room, preferably near the center of the room—and can be used for personal use, classes, enhancing body and energy work sessions, and any time an individual or group of people gather with the intent of doing “light work.”

Cost:   $160.-  plus $15 shipping and handling

                                             (Orders within New York State subject to NYS sales tax)

Where can it be used?

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Meditation rooms
  • Healing and spiritual centers
  • Auditoriums and any place where presentations are given or where people gather
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Place it in a central point when possible to enable its energy to continue expanding outward  

How will it be used?

The Galactic Pyramid is designed to help people become accustomed to the 5D frequency energy. The energy of anyone below 5D will gradually increase to 5D until it becomes their norm. The time frame will vary according to the individual.

The Galactic Pyramid will increase your frequency regardless of your current vibration. This is an ongoing and limitless process for your highest growth and expansion. The device originates from the higher dimensions to assist us in our ascension process. The Galactic Pyramid is totally safe for people, plants, and animals.

Because its intention is to elevate frequency for the highest good of all, its potential is limitless. Each individual will receive the appropriate energy infusion when exposed to the Galactic Pyramid. The amount of energy depends upon the information the Arcturians receive in their computer banks. This provides information about how much energy a person needs and can assimilate at any given time. This information is being constantly monitored at the Arcturian healing computer facilities and no awareness or input from the practitioner or client is required.

Meaning of the Engraved Symbol

The bottom of each pyramid is etched with a powerful ancient symbol provided by the Arcturian Council and Masters of Light. The zigzag or wiggle line stands for waves of energy—vibration. The circle surrounding these lines represents God. This icon is a symbol of transformation and protection. It also enhances the effectiveness and energy of the pyramid.

Activating the Galactic Pyramid

When you receive your Galactic Pyramid it will have already received the initial activation by the Arcturian Council and Masters of Light. The Pyramid is set to a frequency by the Arcturians at their star ships and/or Arcturus. In order for YOU to use your Pyramid, you must activate the pyramid daily with the following affirmation:

Daily Activation Procedure

1. Take three long, slow, deep breaths—in through your nose and out through your mouth while doing the next step…

2. Hold the Pyramid in front of the third eye center—approximately 8 to 12 inches from the center of the forehead.

3. Now state the following affirmation: "I ask the energy from the 5th dimension, the Arcturian starships, and the Council of Light to download and infuse this Galactic Pyramid with Light, Love, and Energy for Transformation. I ask the activation to occur now."

4. Take three long, slow, deep breaths as before—in through your nose and out through your mouth. The Pyramid has been activated.

It will only be necessary to perform the activation procedure once every twenty-four hours to access this energy. If you are uncertain whether or not the energy is present, reinitiate the activation procedure.


  • Users should keep well hydrated when using the Pyramid.
  • Should one feel sleepy during exposure to the Pyramid, limit exposure, so your body can gradually become accustom to the higher frequencies.

About the Energy Source

The Galactic Pyramid is connected to energy grids which extend from Arcturus and the Arcturian space crafts to the Galactic Pyramid.

“When you activate the Galactic Pyramid and ask for energy from Arcturus, you first receive the energy from our ships which are orbiting your planet. Be aware of the fact that there are a number of our ships directly above you as we speak. The Pyramid operates from three sources of energy — energy from Arcturus, from our star fleet, and from the Pyramid itself. The Pyramid enormously enhances the energy for transformation it is receiving. The energy of the Pyramid will never decrease.    -- The Arcturian Council and Masters of Light.

Cost:   $160.-  plus $15 shipping and handling
        (Orders within New York State subject to NY State sales tax)