Intuitive Consultations

  with Rev. Karl K. Kolsbun, M. Div., Intuitive Counselor
Karl Kolsbun

Karl, a gifted metaphysician and psychic medium, has been actively reading and offering perceptive guidance for over twenty five years. As a psychic medium, the purpose of Karl’s readings is to give intuitive guidance to any subjects and questions regarding your greatest concerns. He is an intuitive counselor who offers the highest form of guidance for insight to any of your pressing questions.  You ask the questions; Karl will provide the answers.

Readings are in person or by phone. Have a prepared list of questions before you arrive or call.

What Happens During a Reading?

Karl doesn’t use cards, stones, crystal balls or any other tools for divination. His readings are totally intuitive so any questions may be asked at any time.

Take time before the reading to give some thought to the questions you may want to ask. The topic may be of any concern you may have. Your important questions and those of your greatest concern should be at the top of your list to be sure they are covered in the allotted time.

You may ask questions on any topic. For example, your questions may include personal relationships, family situations, love, health, and career issues. You might want to know your spirit guide or would like to contact loved ones in spirit.

Learning about some of your past lives may also be a possibility. Or, if there are any unwanted entities around you, you might want to detect and release them. Psychometry is a technique of reading the energy of an object or photograph. If you so choose, bring an article to an “in person” reading and Karl will read the energy using this technique.

Karl’s goal is that each person has a reading that is informational, helpful, and inspiring.

Be open to everything that comes through in your reading because it is a personal message from Spirit to you for your highest good.

To Schedule A Reading

Call Karl at (518) 377-4916 or email him at


$45.00 for 30 minutes
$85.00 for 60 minutes

Payment Accepted: Cash, Personal check, Money order or Cashiers check.
Note:  At this time, Karl does not accept credit card, Western Union, or PayPal payments. If paying by mail, your check must be received and clear before I give you a reading. If you are not in the USA, you MUST use an international money order drawn in U.S. funds.