About Karl K. Kolsbun

Karl Kolsbun is a lifelong metaphysician, teacher, and student with extensive research in numerous healing modalities and energy field work. He lectures and provides services as an intuitive counselor, a psychic reader, and a professional dowser. He assists others with their spiritual transition as part of his unifying theme of service to his fellow human.

Since childhood Karl has been deeply drawn to all aspects of sound. Growing up in Pennsylvania, he studied music and became a music teacher in New York State. He has taught public school instrumental music, and has taught metaphysics and parapsychology in local colleges. His love of nature and the outdoors have made Karl an avid hiker, cyclist, and cross-country skier. His eye for beauty has made him a skilled photographer, an adventurous traveler, and a lover of the arts.

With a lifetime of spiritual discipline and training with spiritual masters and guides, Karl continues on his path working in the higher dimensions where he channels the Arcturians. With their guidance, Karl has designed and developed this 5th dimensional Arcturian healing tool--the Galactic Acrylic Healing Lens.

Karl and the Arcturians welcome you to a
higher state of healing awareness.