Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If I order a lens, how soon will it arrive?
A: The Galactic Acrylic Healing Lens Package will be shipped as soon as your payment has cleared.

Q:  What if I lose my manual or want a second copy?
A:  Additional manuals can be purchased separately and are listed on our Products page.

Q.  Why are the lenses made of acrylic?
A.  Although the original Arcturian design was either of gold or platinum, the affordable medium of acrylic offered the same required properties and was accepted by the Arcturians.

Q.  I have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Can the lens heal me?
A.  This tool is designed to aid in the healing process. However, as stated in the manual, "The Galactic Acrylic Healing Lens is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or illness. When in doubt, always seek professional advice to resolve any concerns. No warranties are expressed or implied if the Galactic Acrylic Healing Lens is used for any other than its intended purpose." Results may vary with regard to the length of time and the level of healing required according to individual needs.

Q.  What about storage and care of the lens?
A.  Please refer to the use and care section of the manual.

Q.  Can the lens only do one application at a time?
A.  No, the lens can be used for a variety of applications at the same time.

Q.  Will all healings take about the same length of time?
A.  No, healings will vary according to a variety of factors such as the length of the existing illness. Immediate treatment is most effective.

Q.  Are there any guidelines or timeframes for specific healings to occur?
A.  Each person and/or situation is absolutely unique.

Q.  Is the lens appropriate to give as a gift?
A.  Considering its value and special properties, you should be guided by your own inner voice in making that decision. Be sure the recipient is an ethical and responsible individual.

 Q.  What can I expect when I start using the lens?
A.  As you become accustomed to working with healing energies, you will notice an increase in the frequency and flow of the energy. Dedication to the use of the lens will result in increased success.

Q.  Who are the Arcturians?
A.  They are from the star Arcturus which is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes located at the end of the handle of the Big Dipper. These highly evolved and friendly beings are committed to assisting in our ascension.

Q.  How is the lens protected from misuse?
A.  If the lens is misused in any manner, the Arcturian Council will withdraw the energy which flows into and through the lens from Arcturus and/or their starships.

Q.  How can the lens be reactivated for healing purposes after the healing energy has been deleted?
A.  At the present time, this can only be restored through an arrangement with the author and the Arcturians.