The following websites all deal with subtle energy and may be of interest to you.

Link List

Jack Treiber  -- Certified Energy Practitioner who can feel the flow of the body's energies. With highly developed and intuitive sensitivity to subtle energies, he Offers Advanced Techniques, Addressing Health and Wellness Issues at their Energetic Source.   --

Wayne Hogan  -- Chiropractic Services using Applied Kinesiology as a diagnostic tool box in determining the best way to understand the cause of a body's dysfunction, restoring normal structural mechanics and functional operation so that the body is free to heal itself as it should.   --

Lorna Reichel  -- Works with energy, vibration, and  information to help people overcome obstacles, discover themselves and become empowered. A wealth of knowledge (science, spiritual wisdom, and experience), she facilitates spiritual healing, does EMF safety surveys, aura imaging, videos, photography, sells crystals, and more.  --  www.LornaReichel

Bryan de Flores -- Lightquest International, a multidimensional starbase providing channeled information about ascension, the Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and art pieces/accelerators.   --